Ajinomoto VietNam

Ajinomoto Vietnam - 30 years in Vietnamese life


Established in 1991, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company is a foreign-owned capital company, a member of Ajinomoto Group with initial capital investment of 8 million US dollars. Through 30 years of business development, the company has continually expanded and increased production capacity of all products.


Ajinomoto Vietnam Company now has two offices in HCMC and Hanoi and two factories: The Ajinomoto Bien Hoa Factory operated since 1991, the Ajinomoto Long Thanh Factory operated since 2008, and the third plant in Long Thanh also in 2016. Besides, the Company also has 3 distribution centers along with sales depots spread over 63 provinces with more than 2,300 employees working across the country.



Deriving from AJI-NO-MOTO®, for over 30 years, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company has always strived to provide a diverse portfolio of seasoning, food, beverage and nutritionally supplemented products with the highest quality & safety; which fit the taste & demand of Vietnamese consumers. Currently, the Company markets more than 35 products, which are distributed & trusted by Vietnamese consumers all over the nation such as: AJI-NO-MOTO® umami seasoning, Aji-ngon® flavor seasoning, Aji-Quick® complete seasoning, Aji-mayo® mayonnaise, “Phu Si” soy sauce, LISA® vinegar, Pancake Mix Powder, BlendyTM powder drink, Birdy® canned coffee, amino VITAL™, “măm măm” micronutrient fortified seasoning powder, etc.




Ajinomoto Vietnam Company's vision, mission & ASV as the core of business


Vision: “To become the genuine excellent company in Vietnam with “Specialty” in food and health.”
Mission: “Contribute to the further growth of Vietnam, the happiness and good health of people in Vietnam, through food culture and food resources development.”


With this Vision and Mission, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company is constantly making our efforts to provide a diversity of best quality and safety food products that meet the Vietnamese local taste. With the growth of modern society, products developed & researched by AVN aim at two great values: 1) contributing to delicious & convenient meals, strengthening family bonds & happiness; 2) contributing to nutrition & health of people in Vietnam. We also put resources into development of Vietnam’s authentic culinary culture.


Next to that, Ajinomoto Vietnam is positioning ASV (The Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value) as the core of our business, in which we help resolve society’s issues, leading to the creation of economic value.

ASV can be consistently seen in many activities that the Company has been implementing for the past 30 years, as well as persistently pursuing in the medium & long-term orientation, with a commitment to sustainable development along with Vietnam and bringing the best values of life to people in Vietnam, revolving around the three following key values:


1st Value: Utilize energy & natural resources efficiently as model citizen


2nd Value: Support food resource development in agriculture sector


3rd Value: Improve nutrition & well-being for people

Download Ajinomoto Vietnam Brochure

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