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Besides communication activities on mass media, Ajinomoto Vietnam also focuses on direct communication between the Company and public audiences with expectation to bring the reliable and objective glance of consumers at our products and corporate activities. Since 2003, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company has been operating tour activity at our plants and offices for different target audiences such as housewives, office workers, students, chefs, experts, doctors, teachers, etc. through the coordination between Ajinomoto Vietnam and organizations such as Women's Association, schools, hospitals, authorities consumers, housewives, chefs, doctors, journalists, students, pupils…with support of organizations and agencies such as Women Association, schools, hospitals, authorities…

The tour activity helps Ajinomoto Vietnam connect with thousands of consumers and strengthen relationships and deeper understanding between the Company and customers. Besides, this activity also contributes to promoting the development of Industrial tourism, which is quite new in Vietnam, and it is considered to become very potential for further development in the coming time, especially in Dong Nai province where Ajinomoto Vietnam's factories are located.

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