Aji-ngon® Pork

Aji-ngon® Pork is a pioneer in the Vietnam market now invest in raw material of Meat and Bone Extract produced directly at the Ajinomoto Long Thanh factory under advanced Japanese technology. 

Meat and bone extract

In order to have the best Meat and Bone Extract ingredient for Aji-ngon® production, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company selects the qualified materials of bone, marrow, and pork supplied by prestigious food companies in Vietnam.

The production of Meat and Bone Extract is industrially similar to the soup stock preparing process of housewives in families with the unique cooking stage of meat and bone that helps to keep the naturally savory and meaty taste.

The production process is applied strict quality management system to ensure food hygiene and safety before packing and distributing to the market for consumers.

Meat and Bone Extract at Ajinomoto Long Thành Factory
Selects the qualified materials of bone, marrow, and pork at Ajinomoto Long Thanh Factory
Granulation process of Aji-ngon® Pork at Ajinomoto Long Thanh Factor  

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