Pancake Mix Powder


Making delicious dishes for a family is a joyfulness of Vietnamese women. However, with life in a hurry, it is not easy for modern women to take care of family meals. Understanding deeply about the demand of consumers, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company launched the product Pancake Mix Powder - Original flavor and Pancake Mix Powder - Chocolate flavor in order to help members of the family more connecting closely through the beloved kitchen without spending a lot of time. With the pioneer spirit, we would like to bring convenience and new experiences to customers in making delicious pancakes easily at home.


From 7/1/2021, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company has also launched the product of Pancake Mix Powder – Nutritious Breakfast which is not only for children but also for adults’ taste. By that, we create more choices for consumers. 

Pancake mix powder - Nutritious breakfast with cheese flavor is a quick solution to refresh the breakfast menu for your whole family! It provides abundant energy sources from cheese, eggs, milk, and wheat; fortified with Calcium and Zinc - nutrients that support strong bones and boost the immune system.


Pancake Mix Powder is a fully made powder including essential ingredients such as egg and milk which make delicious pancakes. “Just need to add water into powder” and after 3 minutes, you will have delicious and adorable pancakes that your family can enjoy together every weekend.


Mom and baby are delighted to create beautiful artwork made by Pancake Mix Powder

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