“măm măm” Micronutrient fortified seasoning powder 


The first 6 months of children’s life until they reach the age of 2 is considered to be the golden period of their physical and brain development. However, balanced nutrition in the daily meals of many Vietnamese children at this age especially in urban areas is not properly taken care of.


Having deep understanding on the situation alongside the strength of being a leading company in the field of nutrition and health, Ajinomoto Vietnam has researched and launched a product named “măm măm” Micronutrient fortified seasoning powder for kids from 6-24 months old. 


Specialties of “măm măm” Micronutrient fortified seasoning powder


“măm măm” Micronutrient fortified seasoning powder is produced at Ajinomoto Long Thanh Factory under a strict quality control process and in compliance with the food safety regulations and other child related criteria. The specialties of “măm măm”  are as below:


  • Each 2g “măm măm” bag contains 10 essential nutrients: vitamin B3, B1, B6, B9, B12, C, D3 and other minerals such as: calcium, zinc and iron. This product provides our kids the necessary support to reduce micronutrient deficiency and improve their appetite simultaneously. 
  • Easy to use by mixing the product into baby food (porridge, soup…) at the right temperature (about 40 degrees C)
  • A new product with a reasonable price and easy approach for consumers.                                                               


"măm măm" products are currently distributed by the Company through the Women Association in some provinces.


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