Ajinomoto Vietnam contributes to a better life of Vietnamese

ASV – Contribute to tackle 3 social issues


ASV (Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value) could be understood as activities that create shared valued of Ajinomoto. ASV is the action motto of Ajinomoto Group worldwide in order to “create economic value by contributing to lifestyles, society and the Earth through our business”.



In the 21st century, complex challenges are confronting the society and environment. Through our business, Ajinomoto Group and affiliates wish to co-create unique values with the society to tackle those issues, since then to BUILD A BETTER FUTURE WITH PEOPLE AND PLANET.


ASV Activities of Ajinomoto VietNam


For many years, Ajinomoto Vietnam has been following the important business principle ASV of Ajinomoto Group with many activities creating shared values with society, contributing to tackle 3 social issues in Vietnam including Environment and natural resources, Agricultural food sources, Nutrition and food quality.


1. Utilize energy and natural resources efficiently as model citizen


  • Reduce CO2 emission by operating Biomass Boiler, switching from oil/gas fuel into biomass (rice husk) which abates CO2 emission up to 50%.

  • Operate modern wasted water treatment system by biological method, quality of water after treatment meets all standards of Vietnam regulation and strict standards of Ajinomoto Group.

  • Maximize green plant array, save energy and seeking for alternative energy sources such as solar enery

  • Manufacture with Bio-cycle by using agricultural raw materials; recycle by-products after processing into bio-fertilizers which returns nutrients back to the soil supporting prospered, sustainable harvests.

  • Recycle up to 98% solid waste in the factory.





2. Support food resources in agriculture sector


  • Improve yield and quality of crops of paddy, cane, cassava, coffee, vegetable, fruit, etc. via expanding the fertilizers business providing Bio and Bio-organic fertilizer products.

  • Improve livestock productivity via developing feed-use products from amino acids to provide high quality nutrients for livestock such as pig, cow, chicken, etc.

  • Provide useful knowledge and techniques for farmers to improve crop yields and agricultural development




3. Improve nutrition and well-being for people


  • Create nutritional values for the people through delicious meals with Deliciousness No.1 and pioneer products, bring a new culinary experience, in accordance with the taste of the Vietnamese, thereby contribute to the nutritional value of the Vietnamese through delicious meals.

  • Provide information to consumers on the application of food products, nutrition, food safety through the “Mon Ngon Moi Ngay” TV program, plant tour, cooking classes, seminars…

  • Improve nutrition status of Vietnamese people via projects cooperated with government and authorities including School Meal Project which provides standard, nutritional balanced menus to boost health and intelligence of elementary pupils; Vietnam Nutrition System Establishment Project (VINEP) with the training of dieticians to provide human resource for the country’s nutritional situation.




Other CSR activities


As a good citizen of society, besides remarkable ASV activities to create shared values with Vietnam, for more than 25 years, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company also works in many other social contribution activities including granting thousands of scholarships, building gratitude houses, schools, public welfare facilities, Tet gifts for disadvantaged people, environmental protection promoting activities to employees and local citizens such as Clean up the Earth Together day, Mottainai campaign and many other social activities.