How to eat for success: program for athletes benefits everyone

“I won’t be able to jump if I put on weight.” For years, this false belief caused one top female figure skater to severely restrict her food intake while training for competition. She didn’t realize her belief would lead to malnourishment.

Taste you can hear: teaching children lifelong healthy eating

Everyday we’re bombarded with sounds: car horns, crosswalk signals, emergency vehicle sirens—not to mention people talking on their phones and those ubiquitous text notifications.

Cooking up more delicious and healthy foods with kokumi

You might be surprised to learn that garlic and onions were the basis for a tasteless, odorless substance that is quietly causing a food revolution. That substance is called kokumi, a word meaning “rich taste” in Japanese.

Eating habits start young: getting kids out of the classroom, onto the farm and into the kitchen

You probably remember hearing your parents say at the dinner table, “Eat your broccoli, it’s good for you!” Parents in Japan may say, “Eat your bell peppers!” No matter where you are from, everyone agrees that getting kids to eat well-balanced meals is a challenge

Waste not, want not: renewable biomass reduces CO₂ emissions

By the year 2030, Ajinomoto Group’s goal is to meet 50% of all its energy needs using renewables.

A Japanese-style school lunch program tackles childhood nutrition in Vietnam

In 2012, Ajinomoto Vietnam launched a project to bring ideas adapted from Japan’s lunch program.

Dashi: The Secret of Washoku

UNESCO added Washoku to its list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Amino acids can be a beautiful barrier that builds confidence

Whether it’s just a simple smile, a wave, a handshake, or a kiss, healthy skin helps people feel positive about themselves and build confidence. The popular saying, beauty is more than skin deep, is truer than you might imagine.

Making daily homemade meals special: just add a little umami

Meals out can give the family cook a welcome break. At times when the family can’t visit that favorite restaurant, the person in charge of planning meals may feel a little extra pressure to mix things up and deliver deliciousness every day.

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