Delicious and quick breakfast with Pancakes

Breakfast is quicker with the help of Ajinomoto Pancake Mix Powder, just need to add little of vegetables, bacon, sausage, etc. for a nutritious family breakfast.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. A healthy breakfast not only maintains energy for the body to function effectively but also helps to relax, increase concentration and memory. Therefore, many housewives focus on their family breakfasts instead of fast food or food outside.

To have a delicious and nutritious breakfast, housewives often spend a lot of time preparing ingredients from the night before. They now can save time with the help of Ajinomoto Pancake Mix Powder - Nutritious Breakfast from Ajinomoto Vietnam. Combining with vegetables, fruits or ham and the family will have a delicious and nutritious breakfast.


Fruit pancakes

Ajinomoto Pancake Mix Powder - Nutritious Breakfast is enriched with a unique cheese flavor, so housewives can easily combine with different fruits. The dish attracts not only children but also parents, especially those who love to "eat clean".

The eye-catching yellow brown round pancakes with the flavor of cheese, the sweet and sour taste of fruit, the mild sweetness of honey or jams is a fresh start to the new day. Housewives can easily vary this dish into many versions with their favorite fruits.



Hamburger pancakes

Housewives can use pancakes to make tasty hamburgers, with the outer crust rich in cheese and soft, adding lettuce, cucumber, tomato and ham to have a nutritious eye-catching breakfast. Children may probably love this food very much.



Pancakes with sausage, meat floss and mayonnaise

Housewives can make use of ingredients available in the family's refrigerator such as sausage, meat floss and Aji-mayo Mayonnaise to combine with pancakes for breakfast. Soft fluffy pancakes, adding a layer of sausage and meat floss and finishing with a little fatty mayonnaise will delight kids.



Attractive pancakes with sausage, meat floss and mayonnaise for kids. Photo: Dinh Sang
Not only suitable for breakfast, pancake is the choice for many families on weekends. The whole family can make pancakes together to help improve children's manipulation, observation and creativity as well as help tighten the family bond.

Ajinomoto Pancake Mix Powder - Nutritious Breakfast is fortified with calcium and zinc - micronutrients essential for strong bones and immunity. With its innovative recipe, the product is a suggestion for convenient and nutritious breakfasts, for you to care for family meals and happiness.

The product has been officially available at supermarkets nationwide since January 2021 with a retail price of VND 28,000 for a 150g package.