Mechanical Engineer

Job description:

1. Design & calculate basic Piping, tank, heat exchanger system, pump, agitator;

2. Inspection install piping, tank, equipment (material, welding, installation,…);

3. Control the schedule on site;

4. Inspect & plan for maintenance machine;

5. Make, control, and evaluate maintenance calendar effectively;

6. Control spare parts & evaluate importance of risk;

7. Repair and maintain system such as pump, agitator, blower, vibrating, conveyors, air compressor, vacuum pump, cylinder;

8. Make standard operating procedure of repair and maintenance and train for workers;

9. Assign and manage manpower in shifts;

10. Support supervisor to control safety, environment, and quality of maintenance jobs.



1. Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical or Mechatronics;

2. Function knowledge about:

+ Basic Design (Piping, Tank, Heat Exchanger, Pump, Agitator);

+ Material, Tolerance, Machining, Hydraulic, Pneumatic technical knowledge;

+ SFD, P & ID, Layout, ISO metric drawing for piping & fabricate drawing, rotation, lubrication & PLC / SCADA program;

+ Read and understand the technical documentS by English;

3. Good at English (speaking and writing);

4. Be familiarized with MS Office and AutoCAD;

5. Have strong analytical, effective problem-solving, good communication skills;

6. Be dynamic, creative, well-organized and hard-working.



Dong Nai

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