"Phu Si" Soy Sauce

With the desire to bring a perfect seasoning liquid matching Vietnamese taste, "Phu Si" was introduced to consumers.

"Phu Si" is produced from rice and whole soybean under advanced Japanese production technology. It is not only suitable for various dishes but also ensures safety.




"Phu Si" Soy Sauce Production Process

Phu Si is produced from rice and soy bean which are carefully selected before entering the production line. "Phu Si" using kiage, 100% natural fermentation method over 3 months according to traditional Japanese technology, combined pasteurization method to helps retain the natural soy aroma.

"Phu Si" Soy Sauce is top quality products of Ajinomoto Vietnam which is suitable for dipping both meat and veggies dishes, bringing delicious meals and warmth to every family.​


Soybean is the main ingredient to produce "Phu Si"

      Soybean is the main ingredient to produce "Phu Si"


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