Umami Seasoning AJINOMOTO®


Umami Seasoning AJINOMOTO® was born more than 100 years ago, resulting from the desire to improve nutrition for the Japanese people. This is the first bột ngọt product in the world and the only bột ngọt in Vietnamese market originating from Japan. 


Produced from natural materials such as sugar cane and cassava, by the method of natural fermentation (using microorganisms imported from Ajinomoto Corporation) similar to the fermentation process of alcohol, beer, yogurt … Umami Seasoning AJINOMOTO®  is a safe seasoning for your family.


Umami Seasoning AJINOMOTO® is produced from natural ingredients such as sugar cane and tapioca (cassava).


From the stage of processing raw materials to the finalizing finished product, the quality criteria are always strictly controlled by Ajinomoto Vietnam company according to strict standards to ensure that Umami Seasoning AJINOMOTO®  reaches the consumers with the highest standard of quality



60 months from production date


Storage instructions: 

Store in a cool and dry place


Instructions for use:  

1 teaspoon = 4.5g (for 5 people)

Used for soups, stews, fried, stir-fried


For Customers that are Professional Chefs, Umami Seasoning AJINOMOTO®  is available in large weights (SKUs) with the following packing manner:



In addition, Umami Seasoning AJINOMOTO®  is available in other weights (SKUs) for common customers: 100g, 140g, 400g, 454g and 900g


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