Aji-Quick® Braise Menu


Braised pork and braised fish for long are indispensable dishes in Vietnamese daily meals. However, in modern life, housewives may not have enough time to cook braised dishes as savory as the traditional ways.

Understanding the fact, Ajinomoto Vietnam has researched and introduced to the market the braise menu products including Aji-Quick® Braise Pork, Braise Fish, Braise Pork with Eggs, and Braise Fish with Galangal.

These are complete seasoning products that assist housewives to cook savory braised dishes without adding any other spices.


The production process of Aji-Quick® Braise Menu


To produce Aji-Quick® Braise Menu products, Ajinomoto Vietnam uses well-selected ingredients from reliable suppliers. All of them must be passed the strict quality control process before production.

The finished product will be checked for food hygiene and safety before packing and distributing to the market for consumers.


Modern system in the production line of Aji-Quick® Braise Menu


Modern system in the production line of Aji-Quick® Braise Menu


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