Ajinomoto Vietnam continues to accompany the Vietnam national Symphony Orchestra

Ajinomoto Vietnam continues to accompany the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra (VNSO) to organize the pre-booked Concert Series for classical music audiences in 2021. The Concert Series is scheduled to hold 10 nights in Hanoi, starting from March 12th.





Ajinomoto Vietnam is a member of the Japan Ajinomoto Group, with over 110 years of history. The Ajinomoto Group is constantly pursuing the mission of "contributing to the world food and health fields and for a better life in the future". Therefore, in addition to the efforts to contribute to the healthier life of people around the world by taking the advantage of The Group’s strength in amino acids to tackle food and health problems related to eating and drinking habits as well as the aging population, Ajinomoto also focuses on contributing to cultural and sports activities to enhance both physical and mental health for people in the busy and stressful society nowadays.


In the modern society, music in general and symphonic music in particular, with various emotions, not only helps relieve stress but also conveys the message of joy, happiness and connects people as well. With the mission of bringing happiness and health to the people in Vietnam, besides the efforts to bring quality seasoning, food and beverage products, Ajinomoto Vietnam hopes to contribute to improving the quality of spiritual life, bringing the joyful and happy life to Vietnamese people through music.


Since 2005, Ajinomoto Vietnam has been accompanying VNSO in the pre-booked Concert Series, bringing over 130 programs and more than 200 concerts to the local classical music audiences. During the past 17 years, Ajinomoto Vietnam has been recognized as one of the first organizations to accompany VNSO, with significant contributions to the development of the Orchestra, bringing the academic music closer to the public.


VNSO has been separated from the Hanoi Conservatory of Music (known as the Vietnam National Academy of Music nowadays) since 1984, under the Ministry of Culture (known as the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism today). Over the last 10 years, the Orchestra has achieved encouraging achievements, contributing to improving the performance quality; has been welcomed and appreciated by audiences, the press, music critics and colleagues in Vietnam. Through overseas performances, the Orchestra has also been recognized in many countries in the region and around the world, considered to represent the country’s music to perform the role of a bridge for cultural and art exchanges, hence developing the friendly relations between Vietnam and other countries.


Leading and directing the Orchestra is the talented Japanese conductor - Mr. Honna Tetsuji. Not only famous in Japan, Mr. Honna Tetsuji also has extensive experience in working with leading solo artists in the world and used to conduct in many major orchestras. Having been with VNSO since 2000, he has led the Orchestra to perform successfully in many places around the world, thereby introducing Vietnamese music to international music lovers. Mr. Honna is currently the Music Director of the Orchestra.


For further information of the Concert Series, please kindly check out this link: www.vnso.org.vn