R&D Supervisor

Job description:

1. Take responsibility for team’s performance and operation in Liquid Seasoning Section according to advanced timelines; 

2. Make plans and set targets for the team; 

3. Manage responsible themes of liquid seasoning development and collaborate with related departments in compliance with product development procedures, related procedures, and SOPs/ guidelines; 

4. Develop and execute plans to investigate advanced technology and in charge of testing management to improve performance; 

5. Draw up plans and supervise relevant information to unify strategies related to liquid seasoning development of responsible themes for new products and existing products; 

6. Train and expand knowledge of subordinates for technical information, industrialization and necessary skills.



1. Bachelor’s Degree in Food Technology, Food Chemistry or related majors;

2. Fluent English (4 skills);

3. Proficient in MS Office;

4. Strong knowledge about Food Technology and Production Process;

5. Advanced recipe-making skills & industrialization knowledge; 

6. Effective communication, self-study, problem-finding, problem-solving, and plan-setting skills;

7. Good leadership and compliance skills;

8. At least 04 years of relevant experience.


Ho Chi Minh City

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Attachments can be personal, CV, degree ... Supports pdf, doc, docx formats. 5MB maximum

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